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    When we started
    In 2011, in the midst of the economic crisis, HomeLovers appeared on the Portuguese market in an innovative and disruptive way. Right from the start we invested in online disclosure with a strong aesthetic side, which reveals the heart and soul of the homes that inspire us and that we also think are a little bit ours too.

    What is a home for us
    We arrive home every day and it is there that we think about the present and at the same time make plans for the future. Let us be part of what it is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in your life.
    What is a HomeLovers home like?
    Our properties have that uniqueness, that care and the typical characteristics of the cities where we are located. They are unique and inspiring, faithful to their origin and with a well-pronounced identity.
    Homes with a soul to make dreams come true
    At HomeLovers we are driven by your aspirations. We see a home as a personal project that reflects who we are. We always select special homes, matching what our clients are looking for and what the market has to offer.